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Wild Hearts -Video - Presented by Zoocheck

Text copied from Zoocheck Youtube:

"A mini-documentary about the wild horses of Alberta.

There are less than 1,700 wild horses remaining in the foothills of Alberta. Despite these small numbers, the ranching community, supported by the Alberta government, has engaged in years of management actions that have led to their drastic reduction and could possibly take them to extinction. There are no protections in place to save wild horses from government sanctioned controls, including culling.

Anti-wild horse proponents say the horses are foreign, invasive (feral) animals that are damaging the environment. In fact, horses emerged in North America before spreading to other parts of the world and they co-evolved with the natural systems that still exist in Canada, so they should be viewed as returned native wild animals that serve an important ecological role in the landscapes they inhabit. As well, horses have served humanity for centuries and deserve to live wild and free in Canada."

Presented by Zoocheck

Produced by Inder Nirwan Music and sound by Kiklo Music


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