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  Thank you for your interest in helping preserve the Spanish-Iberian Carter Reservoir Wild Horse Herd. CRMI is a 100% volunteer nonprofit 501c3 organization putting a big part of our energy into a new holding, training, and conservation center (Carter Conservation Center/CCC). We had a bump in the road early last year so we are once again actively looking for a permanent home or long-term secure lease for the CCC. We will not be deterred. Your donations can help make this sanctuary a reality for the Carter Reservoir Wild Mustangs that will be rounded up in the near future from your public lands. The CRMI team is ready and willing to do the work. We have the expertise to make it successful, CRMI just can't do this without your financial support. Help CRMI give these wild Spanish-Iberian Mustangs a safe place to land. 

  What is needed? A property in or near Baker City, Oregon with at least 50 acres, including a liveable residence, and utilities in place. Barn, outbuildings, fencing, agriculture well, pens, corrals, and a horse facility infrastructure would all be a plus.

  Any amount will be received with a grateful heart!

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Donations for the NEIGH-bor-hood 

Help us build the Carter Conservation Center!


Thanks for donating!

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Or, donate through PayPal :

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If you prefer to donate by U.S. mail, which results in CRMI receiving 100% of your donation, send it to our office at:

Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc.

PO Box 357

Richland, OR 97870


501c3 Public Nonprofit Charity 

Fed ID #47-34153397 

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The California Wild Mustang Herd with the #CarterWOWfactor!

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