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Carter Reservoir

Mustang Board of Directors 




Shannon has loved horses all her life. She started riding at 10 years old. To get herself through her school years she begged friends to let her borrow their mounts. Shannon wears several hats & adds a variety of talents to this team. She has 17 yrs experience as PTA President, Secretary & Treasurer, has done medical transcribing, & is currently a Listing Manager for a large company, a photographer & works special events security. Shannon met Darice in 1991, quickly becoming the best of friends. Always eager to improve her horsemanship skills & equine passion, Shannon used every opportunity to learn from Darice. She became the humble owner of her first horse in '94. As with most people, her passion has evolved & changed, particularly when she learned about the Carter Reservoir Mustangs. She is determined to raise awareness about our beautiful wild horses & in 2018 was blessed to give a stunning Carter Reservoir Mustang a forever permanent home. 


Director Of Projects


As a child Jaclynn spent a lot of time on her grandparent’s cattle ranch which is where her love for the great outdoors and horses began. Her lifestyle choices reflect those childhood experiences by living the rural life and surrounding her family with lots of animals. Jaclynn and her husband feel it’s important to raise their 3 children with those same values and work ethic learned through this lifestyle. Trail riding, packing & working with their 5 horses has given Jaclynn tremendous joy especially as their kid’s get more involved. In 2016, Jaclynn welcomed her mustang, Faith, into their herd noting, “she quickly connected with me yet was tough as nails.” This inspired Jaclynn to research these iconic wild horses fueling her passion to now stand up for these voiceless creatures that helped settle this country. “I have the chance to educate not only my children but other children in pursuing the preservation of the Carter Reservoir Wild Horse in hopes that generations to come will see them roaming free on our public lands.”    



CRM Historian~Registry



Darice started riding at a very young age when her dad would throw her up in the saddle and say, "You get on 'um first." She's been training horses and mules ever since, working for Lifesaver's Wild Horse Rescue, Rock N Easy mule ranch, private clients and her own stock. Darice helped train 3 BLM mustangs that went to the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC, Utah & was part of a Brumby Gentling Team that went to Australia to share how we gentle our mustangs here in the U.S. Her 1st Carters were early in 2004 & they quickly became her favorite wild horse herd. Becoming a teamster has been a highlight of her career and finding her soul mate with a mutual love of the Carter's and mules has been a dream come true.


                   ANGEL ZYGO              

                  Vice President             



 Angel is the founder of Adobe Mountain Equine Inc and comes with a wealth of knowledge on mustang rescues, wild horse education, is a horse health Certified Veterinary Assistant, and worked for mustang/horse rescues for 6 years. Angel's had horses for more than 25 years, during the last half mustangs have been her main focus. She's had hands-on experience gentling wild horse and recently adopted two Carter Reservoir Mustang mares known as Adobe and Vya.  


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