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Mission Statement:

To provide effective means for conserving the irreplaceable Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Mustangs for generations to come. 

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  • Study, research, and record the Carter Reservoir Herd Management Area (HMA) Mustangs, building a historical foundation.

  • Genetically test the Carter Reservoir Mustangs to continue building upon their proven Spanish-Iberian lineage.

  • Add adopted Carter Mustangs to the established Carter Reservoir Mustang Registry.

  • Inform the public on the value of the irreplaceable Carter Mustangs among America's wild horse herds.

  • Educate and guide the public to view wild Carter Mustangs without compromising public or horse safety.

  • Develop the Carter Conservation Center (CCC) as a holding, placement, and sanctuary facility in preparation for future Carter Reservoir HMA roundups by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

  • Offer assistance with captive and adopted Carter Reservoir Mustangs.

The California Wild Mustang Herd with the #CarterWOWfactor!

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