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UPDATE: 3/1/2024 - More signatures are needed! Please sign & share far & wide to help our Carter conservation efforts!

January 13, 2022

To Federal, State, and Local Officials:


Based on the press release dated January 13, 2022, issued by the non-profit, Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc., and found on their website at:,


We, the undersigned people and organizations of the United States and the state of California, do stand for the Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Mustangs living in the wild on their public land Herd Management Area (HMA) in northeast California and northwest Nevada under the jurisdiction of the California Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and we support the following:


1)  That the native Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Wild Horse Herd be designated a Federal and California Heritage Herd and Genetic Resource because of their distinct ancient ancestry as demonstrated by their scientifically-proven genotype and their unequivocal cultural and historical significance;


2)  That the existing Carter Reservoir Herd Management Area of about 24,000 public and private land acres be expanded in size to include some of the herd’s original historic range (over 300,000 acres) to support a healthy, genetically viable herd of at least 200 horses which will, in turn, protect and conserve their rare bloodlines on their public home range;

3)  That the expanded HMA be classified as the "Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Wild Horse Range" instead of HMA to guarantee the herd is managed "principally" over other uses on their homeland which would, in turn, ensure their long-term conservation; and

4)  That the non-profit, Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc., with its valuable knowledge and herd information, and California BLM collaborate regarding the future management of the Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Heritage Herd to ensure the sustainability of the herd’s priceless, ancient, primitive genetics for posterity. 




The California Wild Mustang Herd with the #CarterWOWfactor!

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