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The Carter That Touched My Heart

It started back in 2003 when one of the wranglers asked Jim "So, which one are you adopting?" His reply "Well, their ears aren't long enough, but if I was to bring one home it would be that really red topped one there." That was what my mule owner husband said during the wild horse gather of the Carter Reservoir HMA back in 2003. He was pointing out the mustang who came to be known as Red Ryder. He was just a weanling, but a darned handsome young stallion.

Ryder was adopted by a gal who knew nothing about horses, let alone wild ones. He was removed from her care, ending up near Cedarville along with another buckskin Carter stallion. Nothing was done with either one...they just stood around with no social interaction, in pens by themselves. We were looking for a Carter, when we were told of the lady who had two of them so went to take a look. Below are the photos we took...mind you, we had no idea what two Carters she had.

This Carter Reservoir mustang stallion was very scruffy and not in great shape. But his color and markings still showed through. He was so red...almost orange.

On the way home Jim told us the story from the day of the gather and said he thought that this was the same mustang he had told the wrangler he would adopt if he was a mule. So when we got home we went through the was him! Take a look at the gather photos above and note the cut on Red Ryders left upper leg and it's hard to see in the photos but there is a scar from that injury 3 years earlier. As a stallion, he was very trusting. He had no problem me covering up his eyes and wanted to be close to us. We wanted to give him his life back. He needed social activity and interaction. We wanted him out of there...We bought him and picked him up the very next day....and he came alive!

and made some BEST friends....

And he could have sleepovers whenevere he wanted...

We were so blessed to have Red Ryder from April '06 to 2010. Red Ryder you will forever be in our hearts and never ever forgotten! Thanks for giving us such joy...RIP Red Ryder~'03-May '15


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