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Amber Days, Hazel Eyes

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Since I am not an expert and my mind is bogged down with TMI (To Much Information) I will briefly share with you my researched findings. Then you can decide what color you believe each of these stunningly beautiful and unusual Carter Reservoir Mustang's eye colors are. With what I'm reading and researching I am finding it a little hard to be able to tell exactly which eye color, Amber vs. Hazel a particular Carter Mustang is without doing a color genetics DNA test. But I did commonly find information stating this eye color is often caused by a dilution which usually effects the horses coat color.

Most Hazel and Amber eyes are very hard to see when out on the range. Especially because Hazel eyes are known to change color with different light and like with the Champagne dilution, age can play a part. Look closely at Radio Flyer to see his hazel eye color.

Here is an example where a recessive mutation may be responsible for the body hair color remaining unchanged, but the eye color becomes golden. This mutation has been found in Spanish horses. Could this be why CRMI has been finding so many Hazel & Amber eyed mustangs within the Carter Reservoir Herd? Just look at this handsome young Carter Reservoir Wild Stallion, known as Ricochet with his very yellow golden Hazel eyes. He also exhibits some Spanish phenotype indicating he could possibly have the recessive mutation in his genes.​

Carter wild stallion Kekoa showing off his very deep and hollow-looking hazel eyes.

This is adopted Carter Mustang named Catori. She is giving us a close up look at her amber eye color. My guess would be she has a cream gene that has diluted her chestnut hair coat and eye color.

In this photo Hollywood is sporting what appears to be an amber eye color. The overcast sky gave his eyes a soft glow.

Even going back quite a ways the dilution gene has been quite common within the Carter Reservoir Wild Horses as shown in this 2003 photo from the roundup. Just look at this stunning palomino stallion with his golden amber eyes.

Mega extreme dun factor Spanish-Iberian Mustang, Althea shows the dilution gene in her eyes. The recessive gene mutation run quite strong through the genetic lineage of the Carter Reservoir Wild Horse Herd. Amber and Hazel eye color is impressive and captivating and no more so than in these last two photos of Kane. His eyes pierce ones soul. They grab you and don't let go....

#CarterMustang, Kane has a pair of the most spectacular eyes of any of the Carter horses. This is also him in the photo below.


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