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A Carter Reservoir Mustang Herd Book
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Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc (CRMI) has taken the opportunity to do some very important research before setting our membership and registry in place. Because we were hoping to have a Herd Book/Registry built on foundation ancestry, the CRMI team felt it was very important to conduct DNA testing to see if there was indeed a Spanish connection. 


There were many hours spent reading, researching, comparing reports, and asking questions to be able to make an informed decision as to what type of testing would provide CRMI with credible results and to have an accredited laboratory to perform the testing. The results, as announced last month, concluded that all ten samples provided by CRMI fell into the D1 cluster or Spanish Iberian sequencing. This research has given Carter Reservoir Mustang Registry (CRMR) the foundation for a successful registry and allows us to offer the most comprehensive registry/herd book possible.     


You have the opportunity to become a CRMI member today as a way to show your support and help us attain our ambitious goals for the Carter Reservoir wild horse herd. You will periodically receive email updates of projects and researched findings. Everyone is welcome to become a member at any time, even if you do not own a Carter mustang. If you want to register your Carter HMA mustang with the Carter Reservoir Mustang Registry, you must be a current member. All membership is based on a 12-month period beginning January 1st of each year. The yearly renewal date is January 1st. The individual membership fee is $12 plus $6 for a family membership. Your membership fee may be pro-rated beginning July of each year according to the month you join and must be received before your membership will be activated.


You will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for your CRMI membership and CRMR registration. 



Click on the "Membership Application & Renewal Form" button below to begin. Please print the application form, filling it out legibly, scan and email the application to allowing 24-48 hours for processing. An acknowledgment email will be sent to the applicant.  

Both the membership application AND payment must be received before access to the CRMR application is granted. 

Requests for a printed membership application form may be sent to for those without access to a printer.

Click on the PayPal button to pay for your membership or you may also mail the completed form to our office along with a personal check made out to Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc, PO Box 357, Richland, OR 97870 

Once your CRMI Membership Application & Fee is accepted and paid you will receive an acknowledgment email. At that time click GET STARTED to access the Carter Reservoir Mustang Registry application. 

Email Darice at with any questions.