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The Once A Year Gift
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Become a CRMI member today to help us attain our ambitious goal of building the CARTER CONSERVATION CENTER for the Carter Reservoir Spanish-Iberian Wild Mustangs. You will periodically receive email updates of projects and research findings. Everyone is welcome to become a member at any time, even if you do not own a Carter mustang.  All membership is based on a 12-month period beginning January 1st of each year. The yearly renewal date is January 1st. The individual membership fee is $20 plus $5 for a family membership. 

One donation membership will pay for 1 railroad tie to construct fencing. 12 family memberships will pay for one 100ft roll of Non-climb Horse Fence.  

How To Join

Click on the "Membership Application & Renewal Form" button below to begin. Please print the application form, fill it out legibly, take a picture with your phone and email the application to allowing 24-48 hours for processing. An acknowledgment email will be sent to the applicant.  Both the membership application AND payment must be received before access to the CRMR application is complete. 

Requests for a printed membership application form may be sent to for those without access to a printer.

Membership Renewal Form


Application Form

Thanks for registering.

The California Wild Mustang Herd with the #CarterWOWfactor!

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