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After Years Of Hoping & Guessing We've Proven It....

The horse. The wild horse. The animal that was used for bartering and as currency. He's carried us in battle. He's worked for us without complaining. Is the wild horse special today in our modern society? I, along with many of you believe they are.

It takes heart, stamina, strength, a strong will and adaptability to survive in the harsh wilderness they call home. That being said, I will say this about the Carter Reservoir Mustangs...they are different, more unique and more unusual than many of the wild horse herds. I've always said they must be of Spanish descent, but it was never proven....until now!

In 2015 Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc (CRM) ordered mitochondrial DNA-sequencing tests to be done through Certagen Lab in Germany. The reason why CRM chose this lab, was due to the fact that they had preformed mitochondrial DNA sequencing on other wild horse herds and were also recommended as a credible, reliable lab. Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc provided samples from 10 Carter Reservoir mustangs. The sequencing patterns found in all ten samples (100%) clearly indicated a Spanish origin (D1 cluster) of the ancestors of these Carters tested and that they were very closely related to each other.

In regards to the other horse herds that had been tested at the Certagen Lab with results showing the same D1 cluster, the report stated: This sequencing pattern was found in 5 of 26 (19%) horses from the Kiger Herd Management Area (HMA), 12 of 17 (71%) horses from the Sulphur Springs HMA and 6 of 17 mustangs from other regions. This would tend to indicate outside horses entering the gene pool through management practices and, or horses entering from other herd areas into those HMAs.

Keeping in mind the information from the report, one can see how the Carter Reservoir wild horse herd has been managed differently from the Kiger and Sulphur Springs herds and would tend to indicate very little outside influence from other horses entering into the Carter HMA. With such a small number of Carter mustangs tested, and conclusive results of 100% Spanish Iberian ancestry don’t you think the Carter wild horse herd should be protected and managed for both preservation of their DNA and the Spanish Iberian phenotype?

Please support us as we work to make a positive change for the Carter Reservoir Mustangs a Spanish Iberian wild horse herd. Won't you join Carter Reservoir Mustangs, Inc and do whatever you can to help? Share this incredible news and ask your fellow wild horse supporters to do the same.

You can reach us at the address, phone number or any of our social media sites listed below. Please note our associated sites are authenticated by the Red Ryder Logo you see above.

All information may be shared with credit given to ©Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc.

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