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CRM Inc. Cheering on "Nevada Discovery Ride"

It's been three years in the making. Three years to plan three months of riding through Nevada with a goal of promoting wild horse adoption. (click on the NDR logo to take you to the website)

As president of Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc I was so happy to have gotten the opportunity to show our support and to cheer Samantha on during her Nevada Discovery Ride. It was an honor to meet such a dedicated and inspiring lady and her team.

Samantha, Bella and I enjoyed a hike on a short section of the Applegate Immigrant Trail. The weather and fall colors where just perfect.

Nevada Discovery Ride

A bit of long-rider trail dust appears when one has ridden over 900 miles. Only about 200 miles to go at this point. That's about 2 weeks left.

The one rider, one mustang & one dog is totally supported by one husband.


I was so very impressed but not surprised at how well mustang Sage looked. He didn't look like he had been ridden 900+ miles. Fit as a fiddle and holding just the right amount of weight. No doubt that MUSTANGS can do it all...especially really long three month rides.

One lady, one mustang & one dog. A very seasoned team!

If there was ever a bond between a human, a mustang and a dog, well this is it. Adopt a mustang!

Time to head out for another 20 miles. It was sad to say goodbye to my new friends...until we meet again.

Darice Massey-President

Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc

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