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Carter Family Fund for the Future

Carter Reservoir Wild Horse, Mustang, Carter Mustang

Keep the #CarterReservoirMustangs in our future, not as a photo of the past!

A major portion of your tax deductible donation is used for:


We are using our Carter Reservoir Mustang Registry program for:

*Documenting: Genetics-DNA-Family Bands-Ancestry*

All to ensure the #CarterMustangs are maintained as a viable herd for generations to come.

Thank you all who have donated to make our 1st full year (April 1, 2015-16) as a nonprofit a successful year, and to those donors in our future who will be helping keep the Carter Reservoir Herd wild and free the way they have been for hundreds of years.

If you would like to be part of the Carter Reservoir Funding Family please click on the JOIN/DONATE/LINKS page of this website to make your contribution today.

Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc

EIN# 47-3415397

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