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Happy EARTH DAY Carter Mustang Fans!

Happy EARTH DAY Carter Mustang Fans!

Let's do something today to ensure the #CarterWildHorses remain #wildandfree as they have been for hundreds of years. They deserve to roam within their historical herd area, an area that they have occupied for hundreds of years. Even back when the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Act was written and enacted the Carter Reservoir wild horse herd roamed all the way to the Oregon boarder. Their historical area has been reduced by thousands of acres and so have their herd numbers.

Wild horses are also beneficial for the environment as research has proven. We only have ONE earth...so let's save it by managing the Carter Reservoir wild horse herd by changing the way they are managed by preservation of their DNA rather than managing them for inbreeding.

Preserve what DNA is left of this special herd! Don't pollute or dilute their DNA by removing the wrong herd members or returning the wrong horses back into the herd! Helicopter removals actually increase reproduction and fracture family bands.

Please go to our JOIN page, fill out the form to find out how you can help and ask your friends to join us too.

Together we can make a change in Carter Country...just a small portion of the ONE EARTH we have!

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