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Spectacular Winter Skies

Surprise Valley in the Carter Reservoir HMA territory has some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets anywhere in this country. The valley is about 50 miles long and at its widest point is is 25 miles wide.

Spectacular sunrise over the Carter Reservoir HMA~November 2014

Carter Reservoir HMA, wild horse territory, carter reservoir mustangs, carter wild horse HMA
CRM, Carter Reservoir wild horses, Carter Res HMA, Cedarville, Ca

Sunrise Surprise Valley, Carter Reservoir territory December 2014

Carter Reservoir mustang HMA, Carter wild horse herd area, Carter mustangs

Sunset on a crisp December 2014 day. Warner Mountains west of the Carter Reservoir HMA, Surprise Valley.

sunset Surprise Valley, Ca, Carter Reservoir Mustang Herd Area

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