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Litchfield BLM Corrals Update 1-26-15

^ #4625 Palomino yearling filly will be at the BLM Ferndale, Ca Satellite Adoption on Feb 14 & 15, 2015.

^ #4644 only white is left hind sock. If you want a Carter dun gelding don't pass this guy up!

^ #4644 What a handsome guy.

^ #4643 This 2 yr old Carter filly is starting to fill out and gain some weight. She was pretty thin when she came in at the very end of October 2014. In the photo below you can see her shoulder stripes and dorsal stripe.

^ Please contact the California Litchfield BLM office if you would like an update on #4650's injury and how he is healing. #4650 was sticking very close to his buddy and just couldn't get a good photo.

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