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Litchfield Ca. BLM Corrals Offering Wild Horses For Adoption

The California BLM Litchfield Corrals are now offering for adoption the following, bait-trap captured wild horses. All 16 mustangs are listed as being from the Carter Reservoir HMA (Herd Management Area), but were off HMA and captured on private lands at the request of those land owners.

Because of the severe drought, and the lack of forage many wild horses have strayed off their HMAs. 5 were captured east of the Carter HMA and 11 were trapped west of the Carter HMA. It is not known if all of these branded wild horses are from the Carter Reservoir herd or migrated from adjacent herds as no DNA testing has been done and at this time none is being scheduled.

We will update photos and try to add better ones as we get them. The weather has been a huge obsticle, with wind, rain & snow plus trying to schedule to get photos taken between all the projects going on there at the corrals, like gelding the stallions has been difficult.

A good share of these wild horses came in under weight, some of them with a Henneke score of a 3.

If you would like more photos please go to the JOIN page, and fill out the contact form requesting more photos or go to www.facebook.com/carterreservoirmustangs and send us a private message.

Contact the Ca. BLM Litchfield Corrals phone: 530-254-6575 for adoption information.

Thanks to Wendell and Deby for the photos!

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