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Carter HMA Rangeland Health Standards Evaluation Data 2012 (PEER)


A new map shows rangeland health nationwide

Searchable BLM reports and satellite images for 20,000 grazing allotments.

by Tay Wiles Nov 12, 2014 -Web Exclusive

Quotes from the article:

"Public Employees for Environmental Responsiblity (PEER) released an interactive map..."

"According to the map, 29% of allotted land, or 16% of the number of allotments, has failed to meet BLM standards of rangeland health due to impacts of livestock. Those asseessments are based on a specific set of criteria, including things like watershed conditions, water quality, soil health and habitat for at-risk species."


Traditional and historical areas of use by the Carter Reservoir Wild Horses has been west of their current HMA to Middle Alkali Lake all the way north to Fee Reservoir and back east to include Crooks Lake.

Carter HMA#1_edited.jpeg
Carter HMA#2 1_edited.jpeg
IMG_1337_Fotorcrop and markers.jpg
IMG_1353_Fotorfixed red and green.jpg

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