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Carter Reservoir Stallion, Thin Scrounging For Food

Carter Res Wild Horse, Mustang,Carter Reservoir Stallion, mustang, wild horse

Ones heart does bleed when you see a magnificent wild horse, thin this time of year when they should be going in to winter fat and sassy. This photo was taken near the end of October 2014.

Note the Primitive Dun Charactoristics this Carter Reservoir Wild Horse displays. The dark dot below his eye is called a tear drop, his spectacular leg barring or zebra stripes on both front and back legs, the dark ventral stripe under his belly and how it comes up into his armpit. He also has a dorsal stripe and shoulder bars.

Sand Creek, Surprise Valley, Cedarville, Ca

Sand Creek is a major source of water for the Carter Reservoir Wild Horses. This lower section of the creek drying up for part of the year has become more of an issue since access is now denied at Leonards Hot Springs because of new private land owner fence and a few years past of an illegal dam put in up stream from this section of the creek. I have been told even this part of Sand Creek used to flow year round.

Surprise Valley, Cedarville Ca

The windmills are usually empty or go very stagnent after the cattle are removed for the year. This one which is actually just off the southwest corner of the Carter Res HMA.

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